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The Evans family have been farming poultry for over 45 years. We have personally chosen these strains of birds as they mature slowly; this produces an amazing flavour of meat, with a superb succulent texture. Each bird is dry plucked and game hung for up to 14 days to mature the flavour. All birds are slaughtered, hung and dressed on site, be assured no chlorine washes or gases are used here at Pastures Farm.


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3.5 kg approx 6-7 servings, 4 kg approx 7-8 servings, 4.5 kg approx 8-9 servings, 5 kg approx 9-10 servings, 5.5 kg approx 10-11 servings, 6 kg approx 11-12 servings, 6.5 kg approx 12-13 servings, 7 kg approx 13-14 servings, 7.5 kg approx 14-15 servings, 8 kg approx 15-16 servings, 8.5 kg approx 16-17 servings, 9 kg approx 17-18 servings, 9.5 kg approx 18-19 servings, 10 kg approx 19-20 servings, 10.5 kg approx 20-21 servings, 11 kg approx 21-22 servings


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